Basic range of Instruments

Bass Instruments

Double Bass
Maggini / Viol

I craft two styles of double bass, the Maggini and the Viol form with slopping shoulders. Either style can be made with flat or a carved back. The basic difference is the Maggini is wider and longer, these can be difficult to play if you are more accustomed to the Viol Double Bass.
Acoustic Bass Guitar I have built a few of these instruments it is very important to get the instruments resonance just right, else it will fail across an area of the scale.
4 String Bass Guitars Typically I work from the designs of classic shapes and set ups... Fender Jazzman, Rickenbacker, Gibson etc. These are never a direct copy more a basic point to start from.
5-12 String Bass Guitars These instruments are more than a standard 4 string instrument and are designed for the very skilled musician who has a completed working knowledge of music. Typically I have made these instruments for session musicians very capable performers and composers/ writers.
Stephen Stick These come in a mix of formats between 6 - 12 string and again they are an instrument for the competent musician. They are popular for musicians who are playing live or recording.
UEB - Upright Electric Bass The sound from a UEB is quite different from the amplified double bass and has advantages, such as when playing live they tend not to feed back and are much easier to transport, they are much more stable due to the design. Very popular with Latin musicians.

Acoustic Guitars

Name Description
Classical / Spanish Guitars Nylon String, I build a double and single brace Spanish Brace construction. The double brace is a very tight sound and more suited to a fast and very skilled player.
Flat Top Guitars I have over 14 different templates I use to form the basic body shape of my flat top guitars, this is the starting point. I can vary the body depth, make them into a cutaway or double cutaway, the neck width can be wide or narrow, long or short scale neck etc.
Jumbo Guitars 3 sizes : mini - medium - large. The Jumbo in its various forms is one of the most popular guitars I build, they have great projection and play well if your recording or playing live. I can set it up for fast finger styles or the big rhythm sounds of a strummer who needs to drive their band with a big sound. They also go well for slide guitar, again it comes down to the set up.
Parlour Guitars The classic Parlour guitar is often Nylon string but they play very well with Steel String. I build these in a mix of variations from the classic to the more contemporary shapes.

Electric Guitars

Name Description
Archtop Jazz Guitars Jazz Emperor Acoustic, Semi Acoustic and full electric. These instruments I hand carve the soundboard and back, this is what gives it a very live acoustic sound. I have a variety of sizes and body depths to choose from. The pickup is usually not set into the body.
Cutaway Guitars Available in single or double cutaway, semi acoustic or acoustic 16 fret neck join. These guitars are for the finger player or a musician who wants to have free access to the upper scale of the fret board.
Semi Acoustic Guitars Available in a mix of body shapes and depths, from no cutaway to single and double cut away. Often these are set with the neck join at the 16th fret, as Bo Diddley often used.
Solid Body Electric guitars Solid body electric guitars in a range of shapes and formats, there are too many styles and shapes to describe here, and even the website has not covered all the shapes and designs I have built.

Other instruments

Name Description
Mandolin I build electric and acoustic mandolins, these are by special order.
Ukulele The classic Hawaiian Ukulele has been very popular but I only do a limited run of these and the waiting time can be quite long.

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